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At DivisionONE Staffing, we take a personal interest in each and every applicant, connecting them with the job and the company that best compliments their skills, experience and goals.

A trusted name in Virginia staffing since 2012

Our experience yields a higher level of staffing service

Don’t overthink! That just kills the vibe and induces unwanted fears.

Instead, go all out for what you truly wish to achieve and never leave any stone unturned. Be bold. Take risks. And never settle for anything less. High risks sure do give you high returns.

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Anna Onechanh, Founder & CEO

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We believe a diverse workforce is a strong and capable workforce.

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Working together through a personalized process yields greater results.

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Providing access provides opportunities for professionals to add value.

Our Expertise

We create customized career paths

If you feel like you and your talents are being undervalued or you haven't found the working environment that is right for you, DivisionONE Staffing may be the solution you have been looking for.

If your company requires access to full-service production, manufacturing, warehouse, clerical or office staffing services that match your needs exactly, then DivisionONE Staffing is the Virginia Staffing provider to partner with.


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Clients to Candidate Database

We take the time and do our research to ensure every candidate we bring before our client partners can do an exceptional job.


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Our Experience

Our leadership has over 74 combined years of staffing experience designing customized and effective staffing experiences.

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